Group of youth standing around Ebenezer fire

Junior Servants

What is the Junior Servants (JS) program?

The Junior Servants (JS) program is a two week long volunteer program for high school aged youth that focuses on service, leadership development, spiritual growth, and fun. We want this to be some of the best times of your summer…some important parts of the two weeks will be spent developing relationships with God and others through Bible Study, recreation, team-building activities, cleaning camp, helping in the kitchen, and working alongside a cabin groups.

Why should I apply for the Junior Servant Program?

The list is great! Your time will be spent building relationships with counselors, other Junior Servants, and campers from all over the country as you learn to live out your faith through service. Upon completing the JS program, you will have gained valuable work experience that can be significant for you in seeking future employment on summer staff and elsewhere. An added bonus: you get a t-shirt that is designed specifically for those in the JS program and nobody else gets ‘em, as well as a DVD from your weeks here at camp. These weeks of great memories and growth will last a lifetime and are yours for the taking.


All the sessions are filled at this time…
But we still encourage you to apply as sometimes there are cancellations.
If you would like to be put on a waiting list, fill out your Application Today!


How much does this cost?

Once you are accepted into the Junior Servant Program, there will be a $55 fee to help cover the cost of the program.

How long is each session?

It varies slightly, based on camp programs offered on weekends. However, most programs are 11 or 14 days long. The 2017 Schedule is as follows:

Training Session

There will be a Spring Training session on April 28th-30th that is required for all participants of the Junior Servant Program. This training session covers the policies and procedures of working with youth, developing leadership, and a chance to get to know other Junior Servants that will be serving this summer at Camp. If you are unable to attend due to: distance, death in the family, or illness, alternate training can be provided. Please let us know if this is the case.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has finished at least 9th grade by June of the year they would be serving may apply to be a JS1. Those who have been a JS1, JS2, or JS3 in the previous year may apply to be a JS2, JS3 and JS4, respectively, for the upcoming year. Completion of one session does not guarantee that you will be automatically accepted into the program or promoted to the next level. Learn more about Junior Servant levels.

How are JS’s selected?

Once you apply, a phone interview will be conducted, by one of the Lutherhaven staff. Beginning February 1st applications and interviews will be reviewed to verify that the candidates are suitable volunteers. Then we will begin placing the applicants into sessions. We desire to have multiple levels in each JS Session. We place the applicants based on the interview, quality of your application responses, references, session preferences, and gender (for housing availability).

When will I find out if I have been accepted in the Junior Servant Program?

Beginning February 1st the Junior Servant will be notified within two weeks after their interview as to whether he/she has been accepted into the Program.

What if I have any other questions?

Contact or give us a call at the Camp office. We’d be happy to help you with any questions.