It Only Takes a Spark
Through stories and pictures, It Only Takes A Spark: Camp Lutherhaven’s First 25 Years by Laura G. Burger tells of God’s blessings for Camp through its first 25 years, and of the faith and dedication of those involved in building and growing Camp Lutherhaven. The book draws on the memoirs of Lutherhaven founders, Gene & Marty Burger, and includes several pages where you can record your own memories of camp.

“Rarely do you get to peer into the heart, mind, and perseverance of a true ‘founder’ like these pages of history do of Gene Burger. Not only do they capture his passion and personal trail of faith, they also document the shared vision and dedication of so many others that surrounded him and Lutherhaven with faith in action, including his wife Marty Burger, their children, and hundreds of other volunteers, board members, and staff. Laura Burger skillfully weaves facts and figures along with stories, anecdotes, and humor to reveal the story of God’s grace through Camp Lutherhaven.” – Tim Jank, Camp Lutherhaven Executive Director since 1993


The cost is $20. Proceeds from book sales are generously being donated to support the ministry of Camp Lutherhaven. The book is available online at or in the Camp Store.