Personal Retreats – A Day Away

Are you feeling a little winded and worn?

Are you hungry for some quiet time off the beaten path?


Come, for a Day Away … or a few days away.

Jesus withdrew from the onslaught of daily living on a regular basis. He chose to come away and spend some time – some quiet, refreshing moments with His Father in Heaven. Our Lord calls us also, to come away. This call is not a demand or another agenda item to be checked off our monthly to do list. Rather, it is a gift – to replenish and restore our hearts for service in His Kingdom.

Whether it is for a few hours or an overnight, we invite you to come. We offer you a quiet place to be with the Lord, free from phones, distractions and noise where you can meet the Father in the midst of God’s creation.

To find out more details about this personal spiritual retreat opportunity, please contact us.