Summer 2020 Action Plan

Plan updated May 13, 2020

Lutherhaven Family,

With eyes on Jesus, we look forward to the day when we can meet face to face once again. We want to share with you how we’re preparing for this unique summer, how Lutherhaven is affected by COVID-19, and how we’re approaching the future.

The following is our plan regarding Summer 2020. This plan includes:

TIMELINEA timeline for when we’re starting summer camp sessions.
CHECKPOINTS – The checkpoints we must reach in order to be able to hold summer camp sessions.
HEALTH & SAFETY PLAN – Our plan for a healthy and safe camp using COVID-19 guidelines and regulations developed by local, state, and national health authorities.
CANCELLATION OPTIONS – Options if your camp session is cancelled.
FINANCIAL REALITIES – The financial realities Camp currently faces and how you can help.
FUTURE INFORMATION – How we will communicate with you moving forward.

Click here to see Lutherhaven’s COVID-19 information page.

Decision Timeline for Beginning Summer Camp Sessions

  • As of May 13 – Sessions through June 19 are cancelled, Father/Son is rescheduled for July 24-26.
  • On or before June 1 – Make a decision to begin summer camp sessions June 21 or hold off.
  • On or before June 8 – Make a decision to begin summer camp sessions June 28 or hold off.
  • On or before June 15 – Make a decision to begin summer camp sessions July 5 or hold off.
  • On or before June 22 – Make a decision to begin summer camp sessions July 12.*

*If summer camp sessions do not begin by July 12, the rest of the scheduled summer sessions will unfortunately be cancelled.

This timeline gives us the necessary flexibility in responding to changing information and circumstances while still allowing time to train our staff and make final Camp preparations.


There are 4 major checkpoints we must reach in order to run summer camp sessions:

  • Checkpoint #1: Group Gathering Regulations
    State regulations limiting the size and type of group gatherings must relax to the point of allowing large group gatherings and minimal social distancing.
  • Checkpoint #2: Operational Regulations
    We must be able to safely comply with any additional state and local guidelines regarding camps without significantly compromising our ability to “do camp” in a fun and mission focused way.
  • Checkpoint #3: Camper/Staff Care
    We must be confident in our ability to follow Health Department requirements in both the prevention of any on-site infections as well as our quarantine procedures in the event of a suspected case of COVID-19 so we can maintain a safe environment for campers and staff.
  • Checkpoint #4: Camp Logistics
    Camp must have the time, resources, and expertise to buy necessary supplies, adapt our program, enact new procedures, have the support of our summer staff team, and have Camp facilities and grounds ready to “go” within a relatively short time frame.

Health and Safety Plan

The health and safety of each camper, guest, and staff member is of utmost importance to us here at Camp Lutherhaven. In an effort to reduce the risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are implementing, and continue to refine, the following plan as more guidelines are released for camps. As in the past, we are committed to a safe and healthy summer and will continue to make this plan available to you in more detail as we get closer.

  • Following the Guidelines
    Our staff continue to update our Camp health and safety policies and procedures as we receive more information from local, state, and national health authorities specific to residential camps and COVID-19. All staff will be trained in these guidelines.
  • Medical Professional on Staff
    Lutherhaven has a summer First Aid Coordinator and a licensed Registered Nurse on-site each week of camp whose sole purpose is the well being of campers, staff, and guests.
  • Hand Hygiene
    The #1 defense against any communicable disease is clean hands. Hand washing will definitely be stepped up with campers and staff washing their hands with soap and water. Counselors will also keep hand sanitizer with them at all times.
  • Keeping it Clean
    While we already have high standards of cleaning and sanitation in place, we are taking additional precautions to keep campers, guests, and staff members safe.  This includes increased daily cleanings of bathrooms, kitchens, and other high traffic areas using CDC approved disinfectants for COVID-19.
  • Screening for Safety
    We will be asking you to do a pre-camp, self-screening along with a health screening at the start of each camp session when you arrive on Camp.  These would involve some questions along with a possible temperature check. By screening for illness, we are hoping to make Camp a healthy and safe environment for everyone so our campers can have the best week of their summer.
  • Adapting Camp Activities
    Camp is all about being together, but we recognize that some of the social distancing standards are not conducive for some of the activities we do at Lutherhaven. As a result, and as guidelines dictate, we will be modifying or temporarily discontinuing some of our closer-proximity activities while maintaining an adventurous, fun and safe experience. We will also utilize personal protective equipment when appropriate and sanitize all equipment before and after use as necessary.

Cancellation Options

We apologize if your session needed to be cancelled. If this were to happen, we will send you an email with a response form to complete telling us how to process your cancelled registration along with any payment. If at all possible, please wait until AFTER an announcement has been made about your camp session before canceling and/or requesting a refund. You will have the following options:

  • Switch to a Later Session – Transfer your registration to a later open session in the summer.
  • Forward to 2021 – Forward your payment to be used in 2021.
  • Donate – Donate your registration payment to help support camp. (see below)
  • Refund & Donate – Receive a partial refund and make a partial donation of your registration payment.
  • Full Refund – Receive a full refund of your registration payment.

In making this choice, we are asking for your help…

  • Summer session cancellations could be crippling to Lutherhaven and our ability to serve you and our Camp family moving forward. If you have the ability to support Camp by donating your full summer balance, we would be very grateful!
  • If your financial circumstances mean you need your registration fee refunded, we completely understand and will do so.

If your camp session is still happening but you no longer feel comfortable sending your child to Camp, please call our office (260-636-7101) and you will have the same options as listed above.

Financial Realities

Please be praying for Lutherhaven as we navigate the impact this pandemic is having on our ministry.  We are already behind $30,000 in income from guest group cancellations this spring and are projecting to be between $100,000 and $300,000 below budget by the end of the year, depending on how much of the summer and fall we are able to still operate.  We want to ensure Camp Lutherhaven is able to survive this current crisis and arrive on the other side with the ability to continue to provide the programs and ministry people love.

Here are some financial realities of the current situation.

  • Reality #1
    Although summer camp lasts only 2 ½ months, its revenue provides 65% of our income each year. With guest groups cancelled since March and summer camp still in limbo, our only revenue stream right now is donations.
  • Reality #2
    Currently, several camp sessions have had to be cancelled with the possibility of more. If we refund all of our summer camp registrations, we will be in an unsustainable position that is very difficult to recover. If your session is cancelled and you’re able, one of the best ways you can help is to donate your full or partial registration balance to Camp.
  • Reality #3
    Our past actions have positioned us to weather ups and downs, and we are currently doing everything we can to minimize expenses and explore income sources, including a Payroll Protection Program loan, but the potential impact of this pandemic could put us in a very tough financial situation.
  • Reality #4
    God has provided Lutherhaven with an amazing family of supporters over the past 71 years. We are so grateful for the blessing of many families who have already rallied around Camp during this challenging time. We firmly believe that with diligent stewardship and strong support from our Camp family, we can weather this storm and continue to be a place for adventurous, faith-building experiences for children, youth, adults, and families.

Please give to Camp in whatever way you are able – prayer and/or financial support. You can mail in a check or donate online.

Future Information

Watch for new information shared by Camp Lutherhaven on our website and Facebook page.

Once decisions are made, we will send out an email notifying registered camper families of any changes regarding their scheduled session.

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