Summer Staff

Join Lutherhaven’s Summer Staff Team…

And be a part of a life changing summer! Each year Camp Lutherhaven gathers 28 committed and compassionate Christian college-age students (18 and older) to be the hands and feet of our summer ministry. 

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General Information


It doesn’t matter what you are studying, working at Camp will be beneficial to your future. In addition to the cabin counselor positions, there are also specialty positions that you can serve in. Check out the list below to see what each position entails.

Cabin Counselor Program Coordinator First Aid Coordinator
Waterfront Director Program Assistant Media Coordinator
Summer Maintenance Program Facilitator Assistant Cook
Head Cook

Application and Hiring Timeline

The application process begins in November and continues until all the positions are filled. However, we encourage you to complete the application process before February 3rd.

Beginning in January Lutherhaven will begin the hiring process. Initial hiring decisions will be made by the end of February. At that point applications will continue to be accepted for any open positions.

Lutherhaven hires summer staff as a part of a joint effort across the U.S. with other Lutheran camps that are a part of the National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA). Your path to Camp Lutherhaven staff begins by filing out a Summer Service Profile on the NLOMA website. Once you have filled out the profile, if you select Camp Lutherhaven as your first choice, we will be forwarded your information and we will contact you with the next steps in the process – which include setting up an interview and filling out a few more application questions specific to working at Camp Lutherhaven. When you apply to work at Camp Lutherhaven your application may also be seen by the other NLOMA camps. We’ll have the opportunity to hire you before any other camp, but if we’re full on staff or aren’t able to hire you, we share your application to give you an opportunity to work at a Lutheran camp!

Staff Training

Staff training will be up to two weeks of training consisting of topics such as leadership, faith formation, child development, emergency and safety procedures, group facilitation, and program skills as well as time spent in developing the summer team. Leadership and specialty staff begin May 18th and the full staff begins on May 22nd and both continue through May 31st. Attendance in full is required by all staff members.

Summer Camp Dates

Summer begins with staff training and will conclude on August 8th, 2024. Staff have Saturdays off but will work at least one weekend-camp. There will also be a required summer staff weekend July 12-14, 2024.

Work and Time Off

Hard work is a part of serving on summer staff. The days begin early and end late. Throughout the day there is very little personal time, a majority of the time will be spent with campers, staff, or working behind the scenes in support positions. With a few exceptions Saturdays are off and staff will receive one hour off each day as well. This will be the hardest job you love!


Your starting salary will be between approximately $2900 and $3300, plus room and board. There is additional pay for working weekends and increased pay for returning staff. And of course, do not overlook the skills and personal growth you will acquire compared to many other jobs. Lutherhaven also works with schools to meet internship requirements. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Keith “Cheezy” Peters at any time at or (260) 636-7101